“What has the EU ever done for us?”

10 things the EU has done for us all:-

1.  Peace - with NATO it has secured 70 years of peace since WWII.

2.  More jobs - 4 million more jobs.

3.  More opportunities - 2 million Brits live or work and have a home in Europe.

4.  Higher incomes – average income of a UK family has risen by about £3,000

5. Food - The EU has raised standards, improved security of supply and reduced the cost.

6. Cheaper German cars
- and lots of other manufactured products too..

7. Cleaner beaches - EU Directives stopped the UK discharging raw sewage to the sea.

8. Travel - cheap flights - low cost airlines simply would not exist without the EU.

9. Holidays - cutting the cost of mobiles, international health cover, improved travel compensation and guarantees have all made it easier for us to enjoy our holidays in the sun.

10. Greater Security - the European Arrest Warrant (& other measures) help us fight terrorism and International Criminal gangs. It is now easier to bring British criminals for trial in the UK.