NEWSLETTER  - February 2015

HAVE YOU GOT YOUR TICKET(S)?  See:  http://ymlp.com/zQ6BEK

Laura Sandys, MP

Chairman European Movement


Thursday 12th February at 6.46pm for 7.15pm

Contact Event Organiser by email: mike.biden@hotmail.com  or  call on 07876 656954


We have now held our first two committee meetings and good progress is being made. A web site has now been set up and it is hoped to fill it with content over the next few months.  You can find it at https://sites.google.com/site/hantsem/   There is also a Facebook page – Hampshire EM.  Please ‘Friend’ us and recommend it to your friends.  We are working on a set of scripts to help members argue the case for Britain’s membership of the European Union and it is hoped to have these circulated to supporters by the end of February.

We have accepted an invitation to participate in a schools debate in March and several other events are now in the course of planning. Watch this space!

MEETING REPORT – Talk by Cllr Roy Perry on 16th January

We held our first and very successful meeting at The Castle offices of HCC in Winchester on the 16th January.  Council Leader Roy Perry gave us a talk that started with the City’s historic links with Europe going back more than a 1,000 years and then discussing the great importance of the European Union to Hampshire’s trade and business.   He produced an impressively long list of European businesses that have major offices or facilities in the County.  He also referred to the links the County Council maintains with the region of Basse Normandie and how HCC shares best practice with other regional authorities in Europe through its involvement in the Assembly of European Regions.  The discussion carried on for many over a pizza and a glass of wine.


Help advertise and promote our events 

Even if you cannot come to an event please help advertise and promote the work of the European Movement in Hampshire by telling your friends about it and suggesting they may be interested.


Public Events

We are planning to run information desks in Public Libraries to enable us to meet the general public, to hand out information and engage in conversation.  Please help by volunteering.  Contact our local Chairman Robert Johnston or Membership Secretary Ian Foley.

Talks, lectures and seminars.

Another appeal for you all to help us find audiences!  We are looking for opportunities to speak to schools, societies, community groups, business organisations etc.  Do you know a local group that would be interested in having a speaker?   We have an impressive list of speakers available, our biggest challenge is finding a platform on which to speak. 


Every event is an opportunity to recruit new supporters and members.  Advertising one of our events advertises the Movement.  Each one of you can make a positive contribution by volunteering and helping to organise an event or man an information desk or simply by taking every opportunity to engage in conversation with others to make the positive case for the EU. This week make it your goal to sell one or more tickets to the Laura Sandys dinner.


Ask people to become supporters by signing up to our newsletter – send their email address to Ian Foley, hantsem2017@yahoo.com  who will add them to our mailing list.  Or ask them to become a member by signing up online at www.euromove.org.uk


Training & Committee Meetings on   17th February  /  17th March

Committee meetings are being preceded by a one hour discussion/training session in which we learn how to make the case for Europe and rebut the arguments of UKIP and others.

These sessions are open to all and you are welcome to join us. Please advise if coming so that you may be sent copies of any reading material beforehand.

Monthly sessions are planned all based on the same format:-.

                        7.00pm  Learning how to win the argument and make our case.

8.00pm  Committee Meeting, open to all.          

All these meetings held at “St. Giles Hilltop”, Northbrook Close, Winchester SO23 0JR.

The house is the first on the right in the Close which is off Northbrook Avenue.


Chairman: Robert Johnston  robert.johnston50@ntlworld.com  01962 620610 & 07836 768460

Membership :  Ian Foley        hantsem2017@yahoo.co.uk    01329 281806

Events:            Mike Biden     mike.biden@hotmail.com     01962 861350 & 07876 656954

Treasurer:       David Gaunt   dsgaunt@btinternet.com      02380 768046 & 07587 172477


Keeping Informed

The following web sites are useful references, sign up for the email feeds to get updates.

www.britishinfluence.org/   British Influence, excellent site, good daily briefing.

https://euobserver.com   eoobserver  An independent on-line newspaper.

http://www.europarl.org.uk/en/home.html  The European Parliament’s UK information Office.

http://www.euractiv.com/   Comprehensive European Union websitehttp://www.britishinfluence.org/info


 “Hard as it is to say now. I look forward to a United States of Europe, in which the barriers between the nations will be greatly minimised and unrestricted travel will be possible.”                                                                      Winston Churchill, 21 October 1942