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Fight Starts Now


Dear Friend,

The time we have all been waiting for has now come.


David Cameron has his deal and the referendum campaign is underway. We have four months to unite to deliver a resounding vote to stay in a reformed European Union.

Since we launched three years ago when the polls were at their direst for us, British Influence has made the patriotic case for the UK to lead and not leave the European Union. We have worked with pro-Europeans to build a positive platform to win. Our vision – that we, in Britain, are stronger and safer in Europe not just by staying in the EU but by shaping it – is now at the core of the campaign.

Unlike the divided Leave campaigns, we on the Remain side are together, up for the fight. Now is the time that we urge each and every one of our 50,000 supporters to support and subscribe to the Stronger In campaign, which unites all of us. Also, do support and subscribe to the party and sectoral campaigns
which are critical to garnering support from within specific communities. Let’s make sure the momentum is behind us, not them.








See you in the thick of it and the best of British luck to us all. We will take forward the case for British influence in Europe after victory.

Best wishes



Peter Wilding
Founder & Chairman, British Influence