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Writing to your MP

posted 22 Jan 2019, 11:03 by European Movement Hampshire
Writing to your MP is an essential way to make them consider the views of Remain voters in their constituency.

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It is now very clear that Parliament is unable to decide, and the decision must be put back to the people. 

We now know from the government's own figures that every Brexit scenario leaves Britain economically worse off.

Hard Brexiters like to claim that all 17.4mn Leave voters wanted exactly the same 'out at any cost' as them. That is clearly nonsense. Some of them voted to send £350mn per week to the NHS, or for "all the benefits, none of the costs. Some can't change their minds, but the polls clearly show that others have. Given the predominance of older voters in the Leave camp, significant numbers are no longer in the electorate. But 2mn young voters have joined the electorate since June 2016, and they are entitled to a say on their future. The People in 2019 are not the People of 2016. Nearly three years have passed and the reality does not reflect Boris's fantasy. 

It has also been revealed that as well as lying about the prospects of a deal, the Leave campaigns broke the law to snatch their narrow margin. The 2016 referendum cannot be respected, because illegal activity meant it was not respectable. 

I'm sure you would agree that the use by the Remain campaign, of which you were a part, of Treasury impact assessments which may have turned out not to be precisely accurate, can in no way be compared to the untruths and the breaches of electoral law by the Leave campaigns. 

It is now completely clear that the only resolution is to extend or cancel the Article 50 process pending the result of a further referendum. It is in no way disrespectful of democracy. Quite the reverse. Those who still want to leave may exercise that vote again. Those who have changed their minds now they have seen the reality get a chance to give an informed opinion. And new voters get a say on their future. 

In 2017, the PM called a general election 2 years after the previous one. In 2018, the Conservative Party voted on a change of leader, after 2.5 years. Leaving the EU would have a vastly bigger impact on the country and is effectively irreversible. Holding a vote on the reality, almost 3 years after the first is not only democratic it is a vital national interest. 

I call on you now to use the influence of your position in Parliament to ensure that there is a People's Vote between the PMs deal and remaining in the EU, in the national interest. 

It cannot be right to force through a deal that has been profoundly rejected by our sovereign Parliament, or to impose a massive economic hit and constitutional change which the polls show the people no longer want.