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More ammunition for writing to your MP

posted 22 Jan 2019, 11:06 by European Movement Hampshire

Recent events might mean that you have missed the report by leading psephologist and YouGov founder Peter Kellner. He demonstrates that even if no voters have changed their minds about Brexit in the last two and a half years, (when polls clearly show many have, now fantasy has given way to reality), yesterday, 19th January marks the point when enough older voters have died and enough younger voters have entered the electorate for the majority to switch to Remain

 On Saturday 19th Jan 2019 the UK turned Remain. Parliament must force a second referendum

 In effect, the result of the Refererendum in 2016 is no longer the will of the people; it is the will of dead people.


The PM wants MPs to back her utterly defeated deal to protect faith in democracy. It is one thing to respect the dead. It is quite another to be ruled by them.

 If against the odds she pressures MPs to back her, based on an outdated Referendum result flawed by blatant misrepresentation and Leave campaigns breaking electoral law, she will do untold harm to faith in democracy of today's voters. 

 Parliament must now stop Article 50 and grant a People's Vote between her failed deal and the best deal on the table, which is to remain in the EU with our current opt outs and rebate, negotiated over 45 years.