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Hot Turkey

posted 22 May 2016, 05:07 by European Movement Hampshire   [ updated 22 Jan 2019, 09:14 ]
Did a Government Minister just lie to the nation on the BBC? Penny Mordaunt said that Turkey would soon join the EU and the Referendum was our last chance to stop it. In this she reveals either a disgraceful disregard for honesty or an ignorance of EU law that makes her unfit for her position.

The 2015 EU Commission working document on Turkish accession begins:
Turkey has been linked to the EU by an Association Agreement since 1964 and a customs union was established in 1995. The European Council granted the status of candidate country to Turkey in December 1999 and accession negotiations were opened in October 2005. 

The lengthy document runs to 33 chapters listing all the areas under discussion where Turkey has to meet EU criteria to join. There is a long way to go, and many of the chapters have not even been opened yet, despite the application beginning in 1995. An additional hurdle is that all member states have to ratify the accession treaty for a new country to join. That includes the UK. It also includes Cyprus

Cyprus has been an EU member state since 2004. Turkey invaded and has continued to occupy 36% of Cyprus territory since 1974. Turkey continues to veto Cyprus joining such organisations as the OECD.

Now tell me again, Minister, how soon will Turkey be joining the EU?

William Vine 22nd May 2016