Cafe Europa - Erasmus - Chat transcript

00:45:27 Patrick’s iPad: I cannot see slides - can you all?
00:45:42 Stephen Edwards: yes
00:45:43 Barbara Knight: I can
00:45:49 David Yeandle: yes
00:45:50 Milan Fuchs: Yes I can
00:45:50 Toni Saraiva: yes
00:46:04 Alison's iPad: no
00:46:32 William Vine: Seems to be an ipad issue
00:47:12 William Vine: Maybe something on the ipad mmenu?
00:47:19 Patrick’s iPad: just appeared!
00:55:57 Susie Nicodemi: 15th May, Michel Barnier, after 3rd round of discussions: “Nos discussions ont apporté des clarifications utiles sur plusieurs sujets comme le commerce des biens, les transports ou la participation du Royaume-Uni aux futurs programmes de l'Union.”.
00:56:18 Stephen Edwards: Why does the UK need a replacement scheme when this one works? Is Erasmus too EU for them?
00:56:18 Toni Saraiva: thanks
00:56:19 Susie Nicodemi: Basically - they had ‘useful clarifications’ about the UK’s participation in EU programmes
00:56:51 yvonne: Thanks Gemma, that was really interesting and informative.
00:56:57 Susie Nicodemi: but that doesn’t give a positive or negative (or at least I don’t read it that way!)
01:07:25 Susie Nicodemi: Question to Gemma and Natalie for afterwards - how much are local community/families involved in the student/school exchanges?
01:07:58 Susie Nicodemi: We would also lose e-Twinning if UK government doesn’t sign up for Erasmus plus
01:09:40 yvonne: Thanks Natalie
01:10:26 Aliha: :)
01:10:30 Susie Nicodemi: we love your accent, Toni - it makes you you :)
01:17:04 Milan Fuchs: No Norway in this scheme?
01:17:37 Susie Nicodemi: Norway has decided NOT to opt in to a few EU programmes (including European Solidarity Corps)
01:17:57 Milan Fuchs: Thanks
01:20:28 Susie Nicodemi: scroll down here to see Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway’s involvement in programmes:
01:23:29 Aliha: thanks
01:24:00 yvonne: Thanks Toni.
01:25:05 Toni Saraiva: Thanks Susie
01:27:03 Toni Saraiva: Indeed no Norway which is disappointing but as far as the UK interest  is concerned the main countries for UK participants is Germany / Spain / Italy and Greece...
01:28:00 Aliha:
01:33:00 Toni Saraiva: great project
01:41:11 Stephen Edwards: Thanks Susie, that was excellent
01:41:14 yvonne: Thanks Susie.
01:42:27 Susie Nicodemi: A few links for you:
01:43:39 Susie Nicodemi: SALTO is a network that supports training, for priority areas related to Erasmus+ (Inclusion, Participation, working with neighbouring regions etc)
01:44:24 Susie Nicodemi: Research-based analysis of benefits of international projects for young people:
01:45:27 Susie Nicodemi: oooooh, Michael Dougan!!! I love him!
01:45:49 Alison's iPad: me too!
01:46:43 Barbara Knight: yes it does work!
01:46:47 Milan Fuchs: Prof Dougan would be fantastic!
01:48:04 Alison's iPad: write to local press also - MP will know what you write to,paper.
01:48:36 Susie Nicodemi: If the Stargazy boat story caught your fancy, here’s a 20 min film that is a nice way to link to Cornish traditions and the benefits of international connection.
01:49:59 Aliha: thanks for the links Susie
01:50:37 Milan Fuchs: To Natalie. Any online contacts with the partner schools, especially now during the Covid. Students, teachers etc.
01:50:43 William Vine:

01:51:17 Alexander Gegov: How would the UK's future status as an associated country or a third country with regard to the EU affect its access to the Erasmus Programme?
01:51:48 William Vine: YouTube live link
01:54:39 Susie Nicodemi: Partner country status - I think it would mean we can’t apply for funding, have to rely on partners/networks in other countries to do the applications.
01:54:42 Susie Nicodemi: ?
01:55:08 Alexander Gegov: I just would like to mention the many research spin-off activities for UK Universities as a result of Erasmus academic exchanges.
01:55:20 Stephen Edwards: Christine (beside me) was an Erasmus student in the 1990s from France to Southampton Uni Oceanography. She has since been working in the National Oceanography Centre in the docks as a researchet
01:56:02 yvonne: Is there scope for a non government link to Eurasmus that will keep some aspects of the scheme going? Can universities, schools etc work together to create something? 
01:56:13 Toni Saraiva: nice, erasmus very good for that indeed
01:56:59 Susie Nicodemi: civil society is a strong connection across borders - there’s international links through that
01:58:17 Colin: From Colin to Susie:  Are there some MPs or other significant national players who are keen to see Erasmus+ continue in the UK?  
02:01:06 yvonne: Have schools or universities got plans for keeping links going? What opportunities do you think there will be for young people studying languages without Eurasmus?
02:04:02 Aliha: they have Ireland as English speaking country !? 
02:04:16 yvonne: Thank you Gemma
02:05:29 yvonne: Thanks Susie, hope is good 
02:06:33 Susie Nicodemi:
02:07:38 Susie Nicodemi: