Hampshire Branch of the European Movement is based in Winchester and covers the whole of Hampshire. 

We are actively campaigning in Hampshire to make the case for the UK  in the EU.  

Britain has left the EU. We can no longer stop that. But those of us who identify as Europeans can still celebrate European culture and the benefits of EU membership, and work towards a more favourable political climate.

Just before lockdown, Hampshire European Movement planned to launch Café Europa as a series of meetings, celebrating our European identity and culture, with speakers & discussion about European themes. Now we have taken the opportunity to create a series of online events, using Zoom, which has rapidly become a very popular platform for online meetings.

Our first Café focused on the Erasmus Programme, the EU programme for exchanges in training, education, youth and sport. 

Our next Café Europa event focuses on Settled Status. 

As a consequence of the UK leaving the EU, EU/EEA and Swiss citizens in the UK must apply for a new immigration status to continue to live and work in the UK and to access healthcare and social security benefits for which they are eligible. This new status is called Settled Status and the scheme to implement this is called the EU Settlement Scheme. The Home Office states that the EUSS application process is ‘simple and straightforward’. However, people’s lives are not always simple and straightforward. There may be many reasons why people find it difficult to engage with the process, or feel worried or anxious to do so
Patrick Young is a Volunteer Advisor for Settled  www.settled.org.uk, a new charity whose mission is to guide, inform and assist EU citizens who are at risk of being left behind, due to their specific life circumstances. Settled’s mission is to reach out to those who are at risk of losing their right to live and work in the UK after Brexit, in the event that they fail to apply successfully for Settled Status by the end of 2020.

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Time has passed, and provided space for reflection. The last  months have not been good for us. We were unable to get a second referendum. Johnson got a large Parliamentary majority even though more people voted for parties committed to a second referendum than his. The Withdrawal Bill was passed, in more extreme form than before. As of the beginning of February the UK is no longer a member of the EU, while remaining in the Customs Union and Single Market, under the ECJ and paying contributions to the EU for the rest of 2020. We can at least continue to benefit from Freedom of Movement this year and exercise our European identity.

There can be many recriminations about failed campaigns and the positions adopted by political parties, but we cannot change the results, for now at least. Johnson wants us to get over it, but many millions of us refuse. Leavers are free to crow that they ‘won’ but are hard pressed to answer what they have won, while we can list at length what we have lost. The biggest failing of all of us is the failure to persuade the majority of voters of the benefits of membership of the EU. 

Historically speaking, the Cold War ended with the defeat of Marxist Leninist ideology, in Europe, at least. The Second World War ended with the defeat of the Nazi ideology. But the pro-European ideology in Britain has not been defeated. Many pro-Europeans feel more strongly about it than ever before.
The First World War provides a different analogy.  At the end, the victors imposed peace treaties on the losers that were unsustainable, described by an observer as a “Peace to end peace”. Germany was defeated because it was no longer able to wage war, but the terms of defeat imposed were never accepted. At the same time, The Middle East was divided up on a basis that was never accepted by the people of the land, and continues to cause conflict. 

So we may be defeated, for now, but we have not accepted defeat and we have not given up. The time for protest has gone. There is relatively little that we can actively do to fight at the moment, while the government is riding the wave of their electoral success. For now, we can only watch and wait as the events of 2020 unfurl and as we move towards the projected end of the Transition Period, which may yet extend, whatever Johnson says.
But we can live our European ideals, and we must keep our European identity alive. We will provide opportunities for pro-Europeans to share our passion and identity. We will remain ready to pick up the cause when the Brexit experiment cracks and fails, and eventually we will be Rejoiners.

Celebrating our European identity and culture, with speakers & discussion about the Erasmus programme that supports study and work exchanges

Many of us feel strongly that we want to celebrate our European culture and identity, and keep it alive. Cafe Europa will organise a series of gatherings in an informal Cafe setting to help us do that. EU nationals are particularly welcome.


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