Hampshire Branch of the European Movement is based in Winchester and covers the whole of Hampshire. 

We are actively campaigning in Hampshire to make the case for the UK remaining in the EU.  

Politicians only want to listen to Leave voters, but our views count too!

The referendum in 2016 was nearly three years ago. Much has changed.

The reality of the PM's 'deal' falls far short of the fantasy Leave tried to sell.

And our young people deserve a say in their future.

Together we can fight this, but we need your help. There will be events you can get involved in, and of course money buys posters, leaflets and social media campaigns. Can you help us with whatever you can afford, to prevent the appalling economic damage to our economy that the government's own figures show any Brexit will cause?

The aim of the European Movement to promote knowledge and understanding of the European Union and encourage cooperation between member countries.

The European Movement is non party political and draws its support from all people who regard the European Union as an organisation that facilitates the better running of the diverse community of  European nations.

Please help fund our campaign